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Applaws Tuna Fillet Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food 70g

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Ensure your kitten or adult cat enjoys every bite with APPLAWS Tuna Fillet, designed to satisfy their natural predatory instincts while providing essential nutrition.

Key Benefits and Features:
- Natural Predatory Diet: Crafted to match your cat's natural preferences with real meaty chunks of tuna.
- Vitamin B12: Supports the formation of new red blood cells, essential for preventing anaemia.
- Heart Health: Omega-3 from tuna supports cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart disease.
- No Additives: Free from preservatives, fillers, animal derivatives, colorings, and flavorings.
- Hydration Support: Includes hydrating components to maintain optimal moisture levels.
- Immune System Boost: Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and folate for a stronger immune system.
- Digestive Health: Contains sunflower oil for healthy digestion.
- Muscle Development: Taurine aids in the development of lean muscle tissue.
- Easy-to-Open Can: Convenient packaging for hassle-free serving.
- Suitable for Kittens and All Breeds: Tailored nutrition for growing kittens and adult cats of all breeds.
- High Protein: Essential for overall health and vitality.
- Omega-3 Benefits: Promotes heart and eye health.
- Weight Management: Helps maintain a healthy weight with balanced nutrition.

Tuna, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Vitamins and Minerals, Taurine

Directions for Use:
- Always ensure fresh water is available for your cat.
- Feed small portions throughout the day.
- Serve directly or mix with other foods.
- Refrigerate any uneaten portion.

Nutritional Content (per 100g):
- Crude Protein (Min): 10%
- Crude Fat (Min): 1.5%
- Crude Fiber (Max): 1%
- Salt (NaCl) (Max): 1.2%
- Calorie/Energy Content: 47 kcal/100g

Usage Tips:
APPLAWS Tuna Fillet provides a natural and protein-rich option for your cat, ideal for supporting their health and wellbeing with every meal.

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Applaws Tuna Fillet Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food 70g

$2.30 AUD
$1.96 AUD

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