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CAT FOREST Puree Tuna With Whitefish Cat Treats 12g x 4

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Comprising 65% real meat, a blend of tuna and whitefish, these treats offer not just deliciousness but also a wealth of goodness. Added superfoods such as pumpkin aid in hairball control, while coconut oil promotes skin health, and whole egg contributes additional protein for muscle health.

Gentle on the stomach and enriched with prebiotics for gut health, Taurine, MOS, FOS, and Vitamin E, these treats ensure your cat’s overall well-being. They contain no grains, attractants, colorings, or preservatives. Presented in convenient single-serve pouches, these creamy, smooth, and utterly delicious cat treats can also be used as a cat food topper to elevate every mealtime experience.

Benefits & Features:
- High-quality animal protein from tuna and whitefish supports muscle development.
- Whitefish is low in fat, making it suitable for weight-conscious cats.
- Omega-3 fatty acids promote skin and coat health while reducing inflammation and supporting heart health in cats.
- Contains 65% real meat from sustainably caught wild tuna.
- Free from grains, attractants, colorings, and preservatives.
- Pumpkin aids in hairball control and digestive comfort.
- DHA & EPA support brain health.
- FOS & MOS improve digestion for a happy tummy.
- Single-serve pouches for easy, mess-free feeding.
- Creamy and smooth texture that cats love.
- Enriched with essential vitamins for overall cat health.
- Ideal for cats with grain allergies or sensitivities.
- Can be used as a cat food topper for more enjoyable meals.
- Manufactured with strict adherence to food safety and quality requirements.

Tuna White Meat, Whitefish, Pumpkin, Whole Egg, Modified Tapioca Starch, Fish Extract, Glycine, Coconut Oil, Carrageenan, Taurine, MOS, FOS, Vitamin E

Feeding Directions:
These puree products are intended for supplemental feeding only. Please ensure your cat receives a complete and balanced diet daily along with water. Feed up to 4 sachets per day for an average-sized adult cat.

Nutritional Content:
- Crude Protein (Min.): 8.0%
- Crude Fat (Min.): 0.5%
- Crude Fiber (Max.): 1.0%
- Crude Ash (Max.): 2.0%
- Moisture (Max.): 88%

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CAT FOREST Puree Tuna With Whitefish Cat Treats 12g x 4

$3.50 AUD
$2.80 AUD

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