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GranataPet Mini Royal - Salmon & Turkey Dog Wet Food 150g

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A premium-grade, protein-rich wet food designed specifically for small-breed adult dogs (weighing 1 – 10 kg) and junior/puppy dogs of small breeds. This meticulously crafted formula excludes grains and gluten, instead incorporating nutritious ingredients like pomegranate seeds and New Zealand green-lipped mussel, renowned for joint protection. Infused with high-quality oils and enriched with natural vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances, this food provides a wholesome diet for small-breed dogs.

Manufactured in Germany, this product contains no wheat, rice, corn, soy, added sugar, vitamin K3, artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings, or genetically modified organisms. It upholds a cruelty-free stance, ensuring no animal testing.

GranataPet Mini Royal wet food sets a high standard among whole foods for small-breed dogs, offering a balanced recipe that's gentle on their digestive systems.

High meat content
Exclusively muscle meat & high-quality offal.

Pomegranate seeds
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, high content of bioactive natural antioxidants.

Linseed oil
Contains particularly high levels of linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that has a positive effect on skin and coat.

Green lipped mussel
Can prevent signs of wear and tear and promote the preservation of cartilage mass.


Salmon and turkey meat 65 % (salmon 20 % and turkey 45 % consisting of muscle meat, heart, liver), salmon and turkey stock 27.3 %, potato 4 %, rose hips 1 %, pomegranate seeds 1 % (dried and finely ground), mineral nutrients 1 %, evening primrose oil 0.5 %, parsley 0.1 %, green lipped mussel 0.1 % (finely ground, naturally rich in glucosamin and chondroitin)

Analytical components:

Protein 10.4 %, fat content 5.8 %, crude ash 2.4 %, crude fibre 0.5 %, moisture content 80 %

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GranataPet Mini Royal - Salmon & Turkey Dog Wet Food 150g

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