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Plush Puppy - Natural Conditioning Shampoo

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Plush Puppy Natural Conditioning Shampoo is a nourishing formula designed to enhance hydration and gently soften your dog’s coat. Derived from organic sources, it prominently features Evening Primrose extracts known for their ability to promote skin and hair regeneration.

Rich in omega chain fatty acids, Evening Primrose helps combat oxidative stress, reduce skin inflammation, and mitigate environmental damage such as sun exposure. This makes the shampoo particularly beneficial for dehydrated coats and excellent for breeds with flowing coats, enhancing shine and aiding in detangling.

Suitable for all colors and coat types, especially effective for dry, coarse, or wiry coats due to its softening effects. It's highly recommended for breeds needing increased softness and elasticity.


- Wet the coat thoroughly and massage the shampoo until it lathers.
- Rinse the coat thoroughly after lathering.

Dilution Rate:

- 1:5 (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water) for regular use.
- Up to 1:10 for maintenance purposes.

*Our 500ml Ready To Use Spray shampoos do not require dilution, offering convenience straight out of the bottle.

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Plush Puppy - Natural Conditioning Shampoo

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